Jenna Hodapp
Vice President of Residential Management

Jenna is originally from Denver, Colorado, where she graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a Media Studies emphasis. Jenna has thirteen years of property management and leasing experience, joining Substancia in 2012. In 2021, Jenna became a Certified Apartment Manager through the National Apartment Association and serves on the CREW Board of Directors and the CREW Social Media Committee. Providing management services to a variety of properties, Jenna is known for being hands-on with all properties under Substancia’s management. Her passion for helping people find a home drives her while focusing on leasing, marketing, sales, and social media. Jenna is a problem solver, effective communicator, and relationship builder.

meet our team - jenna
Wally Mellinger
Vice President of Maintenance

Wally has been in the contracting, renovating, and maintenance field for well over 25 years. His experience includes a wide range of trades with residential and commercial properties to include managing of technicians and contractors. Wally prides himself with safety and quality of work for all parties and is always open to new challenges. Wally is a father of 5 children and enjoys spending with them, rather it be sitting back at home or spending a long weekend enjoying outdoor activities. He has lived in Oklahoma all his life but has ventured to other parts of the world for business and leisure. Wally enjoys learning other cultures and has the upmost respect for their beliefs. Wally looks forward to meeting everyone and his goal is to make sure you have a great experience with Substancia.

meet our team - wally
Stephanie Ewinski

Stephanie is originally from Ely, Minnesota, just 16 miles from the United States-Canada border. A graduate of St. Catherine University in Saint Paul, MN, she got her start in real estate and property management in 2017 in the Rochester, MN area after furthering her education and receiving her Real Estate License at Kaplan University. Stephanie joined the Substancia team in 2022 with the goal of providing tenants and property owners the best management experience possible with her keen attention to detail, passion for getting things done the right way, and her enthusiastic and friendly personality.

Danny Skaggs

Danny, a valued member of Substancia since May 2017, is a native Oklahoman with a rich background in repairs and maintenance. Known for his exceptional skills, he maintains our properties to the highest standards. Well-liked by all residents, Danny combines professionalism with a friendly demeanor. Beyond work, he enjoys golfing, good food, and spending time with his grandchildren.

meet our team - danny
Riley Mellinger

Since joining Substancia in 2022, Riley has been an exceptional Maintenance Technician, showcasing a blend of skill and dedication. With a focus on keeping our properties in top-notch condition, Riley tackles repairs and maintenance tasks with efficiency and a keen eye for detail. As a valuable member of our team, Riley's commitment to excellence significantly contributes to the success of Substancia in delivering quality maintenance services.

Stephanie Cunningham

Stephanie has been a valuable asset to Substancia since 2018. Demonstrating a high level of professionalism and expertise, Stephanie excels in her role where she meticulously schedules with vendors and coordinates the maintenance team. Stephanie's commitment to excellence and her proficiency in scheduling reflect her unwavering dedication to delivering outstanding results. Stephanie is a key contributor to the success of our maintenance operations. Her competence and effectiveness make her an integral part of our team, enhancing the overall functionality and performance of Substancia.

Sheila Ouamalich

Sheila, a seasoned leasing agent with a remarkable track record in leasing since 2018, has been with Substancia since 2020. Known for her unwavering passion, she approaches each leasing opportunity with professionalism and warmth. Her drive for success is evident in her ability to lease a diverse range of properties, showcasing versatility and adaptability. Whether it's residential homes or apartments, she handles the leasing process with efficiency and finesse. In addition to her leasing expertise, Sheila also excels in client acquisition and social media marketing. Her comprehensive approach makes her a go-to professional for an unparalleled leasing experience.